Sukma Collector Alex Paul Menon Reaches home


All most all news papers covered up the news today as “Sukma Collector Alex Paul Menon was release by Maoists after he was held hostage for 12 days”.

Just trying to thing about one among the major under lying voices which says “Commitments made to the Maoists during negotiations should be honored”

Are we in a “Democratic County” ??;  does everyone understads “Democracy” ??

As per Indian constitution, voices for “Basic Rights” is fine, but whats about “Basic Duties”

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News: [Thanks Dinamalar]

ராய்ப்பூர்: சத்தீஸ்கரில் மாவோயிஸ்டுகளால் கடத்திச் செல்லப்பட்டு, 12 நாட்களாக அவர்களின் பிடியில் இருந்த, சுக்மா மாவட்ட கலெக்டரான தமிழகத்தைச் சேர்ந்த அலெக்ஸ் பால்மேனன் நேற்று மாலை விடுவிக்கப்பட்டார்.

News: [Thanks The Hindu]

12-day ordeal ends for Alex Paul Menon as Maoists hand him over to their interlocutors. A 12-day hostage crisis, which tested the nerves of the BJP government in Chhattisgarh and brought counter-insurgency operations to a grinding halt, ended after Maoists released Sukma Collector Alex Paul Menon on Thursday evening.

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